Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tool #8: Taking a Look at the Tools

For Tool #8, in your post:
  1. After watching the videos/tutorials, list two to three things you learned about the device(s) that will be in your classroom this fall.
I have learned that there are many wonderful "apps" (Ipad) available to be used in education. One that seems like it will be useful to my students is a product by BidBox LLC, named "Vocabulary Trainer: English-Spanish". Many of my students are familiar with Ipads and Apple products so their ability to use them in the classroom should be fairly easy. In fact, I'm sure they will show me lots of new things that I was not aware of.
  1. How do you plan to manage the device(s) in your classroom? Do you have ideas/suggestions that others may find useful?

The devices will be stored, under lock and key, in the nice "mobile containers" provided to each classroom. We have been provided 4 Ipads and 4 Netbooks. If we have a group project, each group will get one. Otherwise students may "check-out" the device by signing a sheet with the necessary information.

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